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Emerging from lockdown: Perspectives on ‘easing’ from 5 countries

With lockdown in place due to COVID-19, there are so many unknowns in front of us. It has been key to look at examples from other countries in order to consider what might happen in Scotland post-lockdown.

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4 inspiring ways young people have changed public services across the globe

Here at Children's Neighbourhoods Scotland, we're using a capabilities approach to help young people articulate their goals and aspirations - and to help them recognise the barriers and enablers to achieving these aims. Public services can be key enablers, but it's really important that new ideas are incorporated into their development - otherwise they can… Continue reading 4 inspiring ways young people have changed public services across the globe

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Rewriting the script: A peek into life with Glasgow’s empowered youth

Since late 2018, we've been supporting Possibilities for Each and Every Kid (PEEK), by capturing the learning from the great work they do with children and young people. Here's a look at a recent community project based in Glasgow's East End, which allowed young people to express themselves through engaging with theatre...

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Children’s Neighbourhoods Walkabouts

Local children in Bridgeton and Dalmarnock told us overwhelmingly about the importance of playing, and safe play places. Through conversation and art activities in schools, children and young people told us about their dissatisfaction and unhappiness with the places available for them to play. We're committed to ensuring the voices of children and families inform… Continue reading Children’s Neighbourhoods Walkabouts