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Exploring Local Responses to COVID-19

COVID-19 is having an unprecedented impact on society. This impact is particularly stark for children, families and frontline workers, particularly those living and working in areas of significant disadvantage.

Children’s Neighbourhoods Scotland is well-placed to help capture the early lessons learned from local responses to this unprecedented situation.

We are undertaking a new piece of research to document responses to, and the impact of, COVID-19 on children and families.

Read more about this new research project.

Illustration of a group of young people playing in a street in Glasgow

Based in the University of Glasgow – and working with the Glasgow Centre for Population Health – Children’s Neighbourhoods Scotland takes a place-based approach to improving outcomes for children, young people and their communities.

We help find ways for local people, partners and services to work together.

We’re tackling the big issues currently making it difficult for children and young people to live happily and healthily.

‘Children’s neighbourhoods’ bring together people, resources and organisations in a local area, so that all of those things can work collaboratively towards better lives for the children living there.

We launched the first of Scotland’s children’s neighbourhoods officially in February 2018. This was in Bridgeton and Dalmarnock in Glasgow’s East End. We have a new site in Clydebank, and we’ll be setting up four more – two urban, one small town and one rural site!

We’re asking local children, young people and families what they’d like to see happen in their area.

At the same time we’re reviewing statistics from various areas, and matching these up to what people say. We’re also talking with local organisations and groups about their work and their resources.

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