Community engagement, Drumchapel

Growchapel: Plotting healthier futures

With COP26 well underway in Glasgow, global focus has turned to listening and acting in order to realise a safer and healthier future for our planet. This process of collaborative action is central to what we do here at Children’s Neighbourhoods Scotland. We give children and young people a platform to voice their concerns, and… Continue reading Growchapel: Plotting healthier futures

Billboard with details of the Keep Drumchapel Tidy campaign
Community engagement, Drumchapel

From Voices to Action: Keep Drumchapel Tidy

Our Local Coordinators are key to our place based approach, helping to solve some of the concerns that local children and young people raise during both formal research workshops, and our informal conversations we have in the communities we work within. Learning from Capabilities In anticipation of the formal capabilities research work, Iain Corbett, our… Continue reading From Voices to Action: Keep Drumchapel Tidy