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CNS Webinar: Follow-up

Back in February, we hosted a webinar asking delegates to consider the ways in which an inclusive and proactive place-based approach to community wealth-building can take better account of the role, needs, spaces and wellbeing of children and young people.

There were presentations from colleagues across the CNS team, exploring work carried out across our six neighbourhood sites. Topics ranged from ‘Children-led and context informed places’, ‘Children’s voices, community building and green spaces’, and we also explored how to involve children and young people in neighbourhood improvement.

The event concluded with breakout sessions, with engaging discussions on the three key themes from the presentations. We now have two papers which pull together the different comments and discussion points from the group sessions.

The following papers came from the discussion groups, and are not attributed to any individual.  They look at what we can learn from COVID and what further questions we might ask in order to take this work, fundamental as it is to Scotland’s future, forward.

Paper 1 – What we can learn from Covid

Paper 2 – Shaping places: children and young people’s perspectives

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