Claire Bynner

Research Team Lead

claire bynnerDr Claire Bynner is an expert in neighbourhoods, diversity, local governance and public participation. Coming from a professional background in urban regeneration and community empowerment, she is currently a Research Fellow in the College of Social Sciences at the University of Glasgow.

Claire’s PhD thesis, examined the emergence of ‘superdiverse’ neighbourhoods in post-industrial cities drawing on the theories of multiculturalism, interculturalism, social contact and trust. The study provides important insights into neighbourhood change and the contexts that increase cooperation and trust between people from diverse backgrounds.

Claire has four years of post-doctoral experience as a researcher in the field of public policy including several years with What Works Scotland (WWS), where she was the prinicipal investigator for the project ‘What Works in Local Decision-Making’, leading the place-based approaches workstream.

Other place-based research projects led by Claire include: community-led action planning to reduce poverty; community profiling; knowledge mobilisation and evidence use; and resettlement of Syrian refugees. These projects have involved case studies, collaborative action research and theory-based evaluation methods.