Kevin Lowden

Kevin.pngKevin Lowden is a Senior Researcher in the Robert Owen Centre for Educational Change (ROC) and a member of the What Works Scotland team at the University of Glasgow. He has a background in sociology and education. He is also the Scottish Work Package leader for the Horizon 2020 YOUNG_ADULLLT project.

Kevin has over 30 years experience leading and conducting major national and international education research and evaluation projects for Government, charitable organisations and research councils. Key themes in his research include: collaborative working and enquiry to drive educational and social change, assessing the impact of innovative education programmes and professional learning and development. His recent research has included providing evaluation and support for the Schools Improvement Partnership Programme (SIPP) and national evaluations of STEM CLPL programmes.

Kevin is also involved in research and development activity conducted by the Robert Owen Centre regarding promoting teachers’ Collaborative Action Research (CAR) and partnership working to tackle educational inequity.