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Children’s Neighbourhoods Scotland took a place-based approach to improving outcomes for children, young people and their communities.

Here you’ll find a range of resources – from literature reviews through to contributions we’ve made to publications – which may come in handy to your own research and initiatives.


CNS Annual Report 2020/21

We are delighted to share the second CNS annual report, which provides an update and overview of the programme, and a forward look to our next steps.

CNS Evaluation Strategy

This sets out how we monitored and evaluated the CNS programme from 2019-2020. Involved in improving outcomes for children & young people? This is for you.

Capabilities Research Model

Here you can download our booklet, offering a useful guide to the Capabilities Research Model, how the model is implemented, and the timescales for delivery.

Local Research Overview

Here is our overview of the research undertaken at a local level. Our approach is participatory and evaluative, and can be tailored for each location we work in.

CNS Process Evaluation Report (Year 1)

This report assesses the roles of our Local Coordinators (LCs) and our Researchers, and considers the experience our team has gained while implementing the practical elements of the capabilities research. The report highlights who the CNS approach works for best, where and how.

Previous publications

CNS Annual Report 2019/20 – Download [PDF:4MB]

Developing a capabilities wellbeing framework with children, young people and stakeholders: Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire – Download [PDF:1.1MB]

Literature Reviews

Place-based approaches to support children and young people

See how our model draws on examples of good practice from existing place-based initiatives to support children and young people living in disadvantaged areas.

Using the Capabilities Approach with children and young people

Our use of the Capabilities Approach aims to give children and young people a central voice within the project and develop a shared set of goals amongst stakeholders.

Moving from vulnerability to resilience in the COVID-19 recovery phase

A review of how resilience-building for children, young people and families can be embedded in the COVID-19 recovery phase and medium- to longer-term planning.

Rural poverty and social exclusion with a focus on children and young people

A critical review of how poverty and social exclusion are experienced by children and young people in rural areas of Scotland.

Concepts, ideas and research work

Leading Place-Based Interventions to Improve Outcomes in Low Socio-economic Settings

Members of the CNS team contributed this chapter on place-based interventions in: T. Townsend (ed.), Instructional Leadership and Leadership for Learning in Schools, Palgrave Studies on Leadership and Learning in Teacher Education

Exploring Local Responses to COVID-19

We carried out a new piece of research to document responses to, and the impact of, COVID-19 on children and families. For all resources connected to the impacts of COVID-19 please see our dedicated webpage.

Our blog also features articles about the continuing development of the concepts and ideas that underpin the children’s neighbourhoods’ approach.

See the blog posts on Concepts, ideas and research