Set in a rural landscape in South Lanarkshire, Rigside is a small post-mining community, lying approximately five miles south of the town of Lanark.

The Neighbourhood

As of 2016, the population of the village was 630, and there were 65 pupils on the village primary school roll, in four composite classes. Rigside is serviced by one convenience store, a roadside takeaway, a primary school and nursery, doctor’s surgery, and community hall.

Both Rigside and the nearby smaller village of Douglas Water are notably decreasing in size; both villages have recorded a year-on-year decline in population since 2001, and numerous houses have been demolished leaving gap sites. 

What’s happening?

Since taking up post in September 2020, Irina, the CNS Local Coordinator for Rigside, has focused on establishing relationships with partners and providers already working in the area.

Irina has built a positive relationship with the team at Rigside Primary School. The CNS Capabilities research will build on the existing pupil voice focus, and is due to commence in Spring 2021.

A photography project with Primary 6/7 pupils was planned to create a ‘postcard from Rigside’. Although this was postponed due to the lockdown, it will be restarted when restrictions ease. 

Irina is working with the school’s STEM Coordinator to create a proposal for a ‘growing together’ project, which will improve the learning environment and enable the children to take their learning outdoors. This project will be supported by Clydesdale Community Initiatives (CCI), a local farm-based social enterprise who support people who face barriers to inclusion. 

Irina has also assisted with the running of the community food larder, which is coordinated by Healthy Valleys, and hosted in the community hall. CNS is seeking to establish a Clydesdale Valley Food Providers Network, which will create a space for organisations with an interest in this area to share practice and consider longer-term, sustainable approaches to food provision.

Get in touch!

Each Children’s Neighbourhood site has a ‘Local Coordinator’ based in the community. They are the visible expression of CNS in the area – facilitating collaboration with local organisations, families, children and young people, while aligning efforts to support change.

Our Local Coordinator for Rigside is Irina Glinski.