Lanark is a historic market town and Royal Burgh situated in the heart of the Clyde Valley in the central belt of Scotland.

The Neighbourhood

With a population of close to 10,000, it’s a town steeped in history and tradition – with its famous Lanimer day festival celebrating its rich cultural heritage annually. With its location being at the heart of a large agricultural community, a substantial amount of its focus is towards serving and supporting the rural communities which surround it.

The surrounding area is one of natural beauty and includes the UNESCO World Heritage site of New Lanark and the Falls of Clyde.  The town is served by four primary schools and one secondary school located close to the heart of the town.

There are a number of long-standing and highly-valued organisations offering a number of services to this community. Local statutory and public sector youth providers offer a number of services and provision for young people and there is an opportunity for a greater range of activities to be made available.

What’s happening?

The initial focus of work for Iain, our CNS Local Coordinator for Lanark, has been to meet with local organisations and individuals, introduce the work of CNS and discuss future opportunities to work together.

Iain has been working with the local third sector organisation, Healthy Valleys, who support the food bank in the Smyllum area of Lanark. Building on this piece of work, Iain and Healthy Valleys have secured a lease on a shop front in Smyllum. This is supporting the delivery of the foodbank and will provide a community base for CNS and Healthy Valleys to work with children and young people.  

In the run up to Christmas 2020, Iain also worked with local organisations and the local social work team, to provide presents and other support to families who needed it. This collaboration will continue throughout 2021. 

Iain has also worked with young people participating in local youth provider, Universal Connections, winter school leavers’ programme. Their feedback is helping Iain to develop relevant activities and projects for young people in the area. He is working with the South Lanarkshire Active Schools Team, and the Outdoor Team, to offer outdoor play, sports and wellbeing activities to young people.  

The CNS Capabilities Research is underway in the Lanark schools and the results, while driving Iain’s work in the area, will also enhance the voices of children and young people in achieving change in their local community.

Get in touch!

Each Children’s Neighbourhood site has a ‘Local Coordinator’ based in the community. They are the visible expression of CNS in the area – facilitating collaboration with local organisations, families, children and young people, while aligning efforts to support change.

Your Local Coordinator for Lanark is Iain Mulholland.