Castlemilk is home to one of Scotland’s most recent Children’s Neighbourhoods. The site was established in September 2020.

The Neighbourhood

Castlemilk sits on the southern border of Glasgow, sharing boundaries with the neighbouring communities of Fernhill, Croftfoot and Simshill.

Built following the Second World War to help tackle severe overcrowding in inner-city Glasgow, Castlemilk’s recognisable skyline of tenements and multistorey flats grew throughout the 1950s and 60s.

Today, Castlemilk’s population is around 14,000 – with approximately 4,700 of residents under the age of 24.

There are a number of long-standing and highly-valued organisations offering a number of services to this community. Our Local Coordinator has engaged with several of them, such as Cassiltoun Housing Association, Ardenglen Housing Association, Indigo Childcare Group, The Jeely Piece Club, Urban Roots, and Castlemilk Youth Complex.

There are three local schools in the area: Millar Primary, Castleton Primary and St Mirin’s Primary.

For a comprehensive overview of health and wellbeing in this community, please see the neighbourhood profiles via the Understanding Glasgow website.

What’s happening?

CNS appointed Sara Vanatta as Local Coordinator for Castlemilk in September 2020. While starting in the midst of a pandemic brought initial challenges to our relationship-building in the area, progress has since been made in engaging with the majority of partners working here.

So far, we’ve been active in two professional networks in the area: Castlemilk Together and the Resilience Hub.

Castlemilk Together bring frontline professionals together, and provide emergency response support to Castlemilk’s residents. Since lockdown restrictions commenced, the network has focused on dignified food provisions for those most in need.

The Resilience Hub is a network of strategic partners looking to promote and instil trauma informed practice in all areas of statutory and community work within Castlemilk, with the aim that the Castlemilk community can become a more resilient, trauma informed community.

CNS have also built relationships with local schools, with two of Castlemilk’s primary schools expressing interest in our Capabilities Research. Delivery of the model will commence when COVID-19 restrictions allow, and Local Coordinators are working with schools to develop a suitable digital delivery programme.

Get in touch!

Each Children’s Neighbourhood site has a ‘Local Coordinator’ based in the community. They are the visible expression of CNS in the area – facilitating collaboration with local organisations, families, children and young people, while aligning efforts to support change.

Your Local Coordinator for Castlemilk is Sara Vanatta.